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Green eyes coming back from heaven

Freedom is in the genes of cats

GLI, originally starting as the MEME token, is now a project with its own LaunchPad run by the Rapid Chain Foundation. This community-driven project has no team allocation, and its supply is very low, with all tokens already in circulation

Contract address:

We are establishing an NFT Marketplace that sells usage rights for Internet Memes.

Reliable Team
Known in the market for Project BlueArt ($BLA); Experienced team in NFT, Gaming and Crypto.
Very Low Supply
A total of 200,000 Tokens. All will be released after the pre-sale.
Memes NFT Marketplace
We take our NFT and technical experience from BlueArt.IO to the next level.
Usable Token
GLI and BLA tokens; Used in BlueArt.IO NFT marketplace and BlueArt games.

GLI Token

Will always be valuable
We mint only 200K tokens. No more tokens will be mined but to be burned.
Simple, easy, safe
No team token, no tax fees, no automatic burns, no obscure formulas, no automatic mints. Easy and understandable code structure.
Locked liquidity
100% of the token will be used for CEX + DEX listings

What you can do
with our upcoming mobile app "GLI Wallet"

It is both a blockchain wallet and a repository of useful tools in the crypto world.

Voting & valuations

You will be able to vote on decisions that will guide NFTs and GLI Policies. You will earn tokens by participating in voting.

Send and receive money

You can send and receive money freely, tax-free to your private records on the application.

You can donate

You can donate directly to associations and foundations that have registered in the system. Global warming, water problem, stray animals and nature protection organizations are given priority.

Let's socialize

All supply in circulation
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GliToken (GLI)

Token Name : GLI Token
Symbol : GLI
Contract address: 0x655e1cb3f2c81c76856302679648df698a5f1989

Murat Inceer
Crypto artist, IT specialist, Industrial engineer, Cat lover, Dapp developer
Baran Cakirbey
Javascript & Web3 Developer, Smart Contract Developer, Dog Lover

Token Distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing the latest offering from the trusted developers at BlueArt Labs, powered by BscChain: GLI Token ($GLI). This MEME cryptocurrency is brought to you by the same team behind the successful BlueArt NFT and BlueArt Token projects.

GLI Token is a unique and exclusive digital currency with an extremely limited aggregate supply. Its catchy name, “Dog-killing cat,” reflects the irreverent and humorous spirit of the MEME culture.

Trade your way to freedom: Our Pancakeswap pool lets you buy and sell GLI Token as much as you please!

Good things come to those who hold…or sell? Our rare gift token airdrops come with no strings attached – once you have GLI Token, you’re free to sell it anytime you like!

Experience peace of mind with GLI. Our simplified contract code promotes stability and predictability within our ecosystem, eliminating any unexpected surprises. Our unwavering dedication to the future guarantees that GLI will remain a dependable and consistent force for decades to come. Trust in GLI to safeguard your investments for the long haul.

“While we’re working on getting GLI Token listed on reputable centralized exchanges, for the time being, PancakeSwap remains the go-to destination for buying and selling our token.


Q1 2023
Phase 1 - Genesis

The cat's out of the bag! GLI Token is launching on BSC mainnet, with 25% of the tokens going to our community. Join us on social media as we establish a vibrant community and foster partnerships with other meme-themed tokens.

Q2 2023
Phase 2

Let's make a trade! GLI Token is now listed on reputable DEXs like PancakeSwap and Uniswap, with marketing strategies in place to increase visibility and demand. Keep an eye out as we explore other DEX opportunities.

Q3 2023
Phase 3

Going beyond the DEXs! We're working hard to get GLI Token listed on centralized exchanges, partnering with key players in the crypto industry to expand the reach and adoption of our token. Don't miss out on our community-driven campaigns.

Q4 2023
Phase 4 - Final

More than just a meme! We're building DApps and tools to enhance the use case and utility of GLI Token, expanding the ecosystem through partnerships, collaborations, and integrations with other blockchain projects. Keep staking and participating in governance as we continue to incentivize our community.

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